The ‘BELLA’ HD Frontal Wig (Red)

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The ‘BELLA’ HD Frontal Wig (Red)
The ‘BELLA’ HD Frontal Wig (Red)

Our 'BELLA' wig is the perfect red for this season and comes with our amazing HD Frontal Lace. ( @onlybells wearing a 26inch ‘BELLA’ Wig)

- Comes dyed and as straight hair
- Carefully hand sewn 
- 13 x 4 Frontal size
- 100% virgin hair. 
- Minimal shedding or tangling with accurate care
- Can be flat straightened 

To add some flavour to your hair why don't you try our scented hair oils to have your hair smelling amazing


*Shipping takes 5-7 working days* - May receive your order earlier.


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